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I took this picture walking home tonight along 8th Avenue, past the old Palace Theatre (now a trendy nightclub). I remember going to see High Plains Drifter there shortly after I moved to Calgary... probably the only time I've gone to see a movie by myself.

I'm still on a tea kick, and I have purchased sample sizes of a number of different teas. I also tried maté, a tealike South American drink. It was OK, but not particularly tasty or stimulating. I've switched to using a tea brewing basket for infusion, instead of a tea ball. My tea ball sometimes came apart when I removed it, spilling loose tea into the cup.

I plan on taking a week off very soon. I want to visit the Okanagan region of British Columbia, and fit in a visit to my Dad on the way. Dad is doing well, but is still on a waiting list to get into the seniors lodge. The sooner he gets in there, the better.

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