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I spent most of today removing books from bookshelves in my den, vacuuming and cleaning the shelves, moving speakers and audio components around, going to Radio Shack to buy a new Panasonic RV32K DVD player, stripping speaker wires, reconnecting the audio gear and replacing the books on the shelves.

Behind one of the bookshelves I found a tiny sculpture of a man riding a rickshaw. I have no recollection of having owned and lost it, but I suppose I must have. Perhaps my brother gave it to me after one of his trips.

The new DVD player sounds fantastic, noticeably superior to my old CD changer. It must have a better Digital to Analog Converter. And I am no longer getting static. I think that is because, instead of having the room festooned with 20' speaker wires in contact with the carpet, I now have 4' wires that don't touch the floor. Better interconnects probably don't hurt, either.

I tried a CD-R that my old changer couldn't read properly, and the DVD player had no problem with it. I burned some mp3s to a CD-RW, and they played perfectly, too.

I still have a fair amount of work to do to put this room back in order, but I am pleased with what I have done so far.

It was hot today, too. Around 80 F, and it should be even hotter tomorrow. It's about time!

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