Neil (nt) wrote,

Watched The Transporter today. It was a slick action movie with wild (and wildly improbable) car stunts and fight scenes, and very good cinematography. Unfortunately, it came up short on plot, dialogue and character development. They should have trimmed their stunt budget slightly and hired decent writers and editors.

I've been fiddling some more with mp3, learning about ID3 tags and m3u files. I've got EAC set up so I can load a CD, get the track information from an internet database with one keystroke, and start extracting and encoding with another keystroke. I've also been reading up on the iPod and similar devices. Up to 30GB of storage for music in a device the size of my Clié. Tempting. I wonder how long until Sony starts putting hard drives in their PDAs?

Went for a long walk today, through Mount Royal (the old money area of town). The sun was out, which was a welcome change after weeks of fog, snow and rain.

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