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I hold shares in a company that went bankrupt and was delisted some years ago (long before the dot com washout), and today I called my broker to see if there was some way I could get rid of the shares and trigger a capital loss. They said that yes, they could delete the shares from my account and issue me a Certificate of Worthlessness. That is one certificate that won't be framed and hung on my wall!

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    In Calgary, Exploring the Cultural Side of ‘Cowtown’ (link is to The New York Times) Pretty good article, although I've never seen Calgarians…

  • Broken trees

    A few examples of trees broken by the accumulation of snow, as mentioned in my last post. The snow is gone, but the damage remains.

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    I drove around town today and was shocked at the number of trees that had been damaged by the heavy snowfall earlier in the week. It's too early in…

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