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I've spent much of the evening fixing a CD-R that had been burned TAO (2 second gaps inserted between each track -- not good on a live concert recording). I think this is the first time I've ever received a TAO disc, out of hundreds. I wouldn't have bothered fixing it, except I had already offered it to someone. First rule of trading: never offer anything that you haven't had a chance to check carefully.

The boilers are being replaced in our apartment building. Coming home after work yesterday, I got into the elevator and noticed a strong smell and smoke visible against the ceiling light. The building manager got on the elevator and told me that welders had been working on the boilers in the basement, and their smoke had come up the elevator shaft. The building had been evacuated once during the day, and the fire department had been out four times. Even 30 floors up, I found the smell very strong and the air quality poor. Why they couldn't have set up proper ventilation, I don't know.
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