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L made me porridge this morning, which was nice. Usually I just pour some cold cereal into a bowl. I don't expect her to make me breakfast, but I like it when she does.

At work, I tested some software changes made by another programmer. They were intended to speed things up, but instead slowed them down significantly. Back to the drawing board...

I went to the library over my lunch hour and got a few CDs (Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and the one I'm listening to now) and books (an Australian travelogue and a collection of short stories). One of the books wasn't on the shelf when I went looking for it, but I spotted it on the "staff picks" display on my way out, and snagged it.

We are having the carpet cleaned at my office tonight, so before leaving I had to get everything off the floor, unplug the phone and put my PC on the desk. I'll have to be careful not to spill coffee on the carpet in future like I did this morning.

Watched some more of the Ozzy DVDs tonight. Have now seen all the episodes and some of the special features on disc 2 (this is a progress report for the very patient joyofmacs).

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