Neil (nt) wrote,

I slept in this morning. By the time I got up, L had made breakfast, so we didn't go out as we usually do on Saturday morning. Actually, I haven't ventured outside the apartment all day, mainly because it has been cold and snowy. I've been working on L's income taxes, which I've finished. Tomorrow, I'll do my own. I'm really pleased with how easy my laser printer makes it to print tax returns. I've owned daisy-wheel, dot-matrix and ink-jet printers, and none of them worked worth a damn. In particular, they all had problems with longer documents, which made tax time very frustrating. Why tax returns have to be so long, I don't know. You type in one little number, and the software generates an additional five-page schedule. I guess that's one of life's little mysteries.

John tells us that the lengthy sermon last night wasn't supposed to be part of the service. The preacher, finding he had a captive audience, just couldn't restrain himself. Oh, well...

I've found an email list for trading live jazz CD-Rs. I'm a little excited about that, because I've had a hard time finding jazz.

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