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I got up around 8:00 a.m. this morning, dressed, and went off to breakfast with L at our usual place. I had something called an Omelette Benedict. Or was it a Benedict Omelette? In any case, it wasn't very good, and it wasn't very warm. I think I'll stick with bacon and eggs in future. Then I visited my barber. He cut my hair a little shorter than I like, but in a few days it'll grow out again. At my age, I'm just glad to have hair -- never mind the length. Back home, I did some reading, listened to music, and fiddled with my backlog of unlistened-to CDs. I've been slack about exercising this past week, but I did some today and hadn't lost any muscle tone to speak of. L has been glued to CNN most of the day, but I've been avoiding the news.

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