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I've been trying to improve the performance of a series of batch jobs at work. I did all kinds of fiddly little performance changes, but only increased the speed by about 2%. Than a lightbulb went off, I wrote about 10 lines of code, and shaved 20% off the execution time.

Now I have to try and finish off another project by the end of the week. I have to create a "sales snapshot", so that liquid sales from a gas plant can be kept constant even if production numbers are amended. The difference will be forced into closing inventory. While I was trying to figure out what table to take the "snapshot" from, I found a bug that I will have to fix tomorrow. Fortunately it hasn't caused any major problems. The rest of the project won't be difficult, although there are some user interface issues that will require some creative thinking.

Next week, my vacation begins. Perhaps I will have something more interesting to write about then!

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