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Had a long lunch meeting at work today to review project plans and schedules. I generally don't like meetings, but this one was productive. Pizza and soft drinks were provided. No one fell asleep. I have worked with a few people who would fall asleep during meetings. I don't have that problem, though sometimes my mind wanders.

I've booked three weeks off work for early next year, but haven't made travel plans yet. We would have been leaving for Australia about now, if we hadn't cancelled that trip.

I mentioned earlier that I wasn't entirely happy with the fonts on my Sony CLIE. The standard font is a thin, grey typeface -- very stylish, but not easy to read. Last night, I installed fonthack123 and the swiz fonts, which has made a big improvement. I still need to do some fine tuning. [UPDATE: I've switched to Lubak's SansSerif22 font, which is nicer than swiz.]

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