Neil (nt) wrote,

Our project team was taken to lunch today at Osteria de Medici, an Italian restaurant in the Kensington district. It was a group of 16 (6 from our company), and we had a private room.

Lunch began with the waiter bringing carafes of red and white wine, and warm, freshly baked rolls. I poured myself the first of several glasses of white wine. Next was a grilled salmon salad (fresh salad greens and vegetables topped with a salmon filet). The main course was veal parmigiana. For dessert, we had tiramisu with a scoop of chocolate ice cream covered with a hard chocolate shell, and coffee.

It was an excellent meal in a great setting, and everyone was relaxed and jovial. The project is not complete, but the most difficult time is over.

I'm taking tomorrow off, and I expect to have a three day weekend without any interruptions. In the past month, there have only been one or two days I didn't go to the office.
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