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This morning I got up and went to work as usual, except that as I was out of milk for my cereal, I went for breakfast at a cafe across the street from my office. It's a homey little place that has freshly baked muffins and good coffee. When I got to the office, my boss commented, "I thought you were taking today off." I had emailed him earlier in the week about that, but there had been a mixup in communication and I thought he wanted me to schedule it for later. There were no emergencies to handle, so I packed it in after 15 minutes and went home. Three day weekend!

I've been listening to a Louis Armstrong show from 1954 that I got in the mail yesterday. I'm probably dating myself a little when I say that I remember him performing live on the Ed Sullivan show. Satchmo, with his big smile, wiping his brow with a white handkerchief. The music didn't mean that much to me then, but I can hear now what a great band he had.

I took L for dinner tonight to a Thai restaurant. It was quite good, but as usual, not nearly spicy enough for me. I want tears running down my cheeks, my nose running and my tongue feeling like it is on fire. And I really have to remember to take reading glasses when I go to a new restaurant. I have a hard time reading the menu in low light without them. Hard to read the cheque, too. I'd hate to leave the wrong amount and be chased down the street by a Thai cook waving a meat cleaver.

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