Neil (nt) wrote,


I spent Saturday morning catching up on correspondence, bill paying and the like. In the afternoon, a client called and I went to the office for a couple of hours to fix a few problems. On the way back, I slipped and fell on the icy sidewalk. Walked very carefully the rest of the way home.

Sunday was the first day I've had completely free of work for a few weeks. What a luxury to be able to sleep in, goof off, take a nap when I feel like it, etc.

I downloaded some SHNs featuring Bela Fleck (banjo) and Chris Thile (mandolin) jamming at a bluegrass festival from this summer. Those boys sure do know how to pick. I also set up a couple of trades: one for a Louis Armstrong show from the '50s, and another for a recent Hot Tuna gig at a club called The Mangy Moose -- love that name!

I'm going to see if I can take a couple of Fridays off in exchange for the overtime I've been putting in lately. I have three weeks vacation to take by February; I must arrange for that, too.
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