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Today I went on a walk around downtown Calgary to look at some of the historic buildings. My favorite is the Doll Block, pictured at the right. There is a bit of a story with this one. A jeweller named Louis Doll had it built early in the 20th century. Shortly after it opened in 1907, his young daughter died and he fell apart and lost interest in business. The building passed through several owners, including Birk's Jewellers. For some reason, the owners of Birk's removed the stained glass windows, which now reside in their store in one of the large indoor shopping malls downtown.

The picture below is one of those stained glass windows. There are three, all in much the same style. The picture was taken indoors without a flash, and there are a number of reflections from the signs and lights in the mall.

We also visited the museum in the Chinese Cultural Centre and saw a great collection of porcelain, ceramics and bronzes, as well as artwork, photographs and furniture. Had fun playing with the Bronze Singing Fish Basin -- you rub its handles and the vibrations make the water jump up and down.

We finished our tour by stopping for a beer at the James Joyce pub. They have tables out on the 8th Ave. mall, where we sat and people-watched.

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