Neil (nt) wrote,

This morning L made me porridge and tea and we watched CNN for a while before I left for work. They were broadcasting live from ground zero, and the names of those who died at the WTC were being read. I thought it was a dignified and moving tribute. Perhaps the media has avoided the "Dianafication" of Sept. 11th after all.

Over my lunch hour, I went for a walk to Princes Island. It was a perfect late summer day, and there were many people out jogging or walking along the trails. I thought how fortunate I am to live in a free and prosperous nation. For all its faults, Canada is a good country to live in. I love the USA, too.

I'm setting up a large trade with a guy in Vancouver. He wants 17 discs from me, and has an extensive trade list. I expect I'll pick some Mingus, Miles, Marley, Van Morrison, Rolling Stones, Tom Waits and Richard Thompson boots. Perhaps some Cream, Santana/McLaughlin and Lyle Lovett, too.
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