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Tonight I downloaded a set of SHN files, unshortened them to WAVs and prepared to burn them to a CD-R. The 16 WAV files had a total time of 79:49. In theory they should fit neatly on an 80 minute CD-R, but Easy CD Creator counts 2 second gaps between tracks in its calculation of the total time -- before giving you the option of turning off the 2 second gaps -- so it thought the files exceeded 80 minutes, and refused to proceed. I decided to try Exact Audio Copy, which has a CD Write function. I knew I had successfully used it once before in a similar situation, but this time it didn't seem to recognize my CD drive. I downloaded the latest version of EAC and tried it again, but it still didn't work. Then I downloaded Feurio, a shareware CD writing program. After installing and figuring out how it worked, I found that it too didn't recognize my drive. At this point I gave up in frustration.

A little later in the evening I rebooted my PC for an unrelated reason, and on a whim decided to try EAC again. This time it worked perfectly, and I'm now listening to the CD I burned.
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