Neil (nt) wrote,

Pics from yesterday's excursion

The Burmis Tree, a 300-year old Limber pine that is one of the first landmarks visible when entering the Crowsnest Pass from the east.

Burmis Tree

Lundbreck Falls. Below the falls, people were fishing from and sunbathing on the rocks.

Lundbreck Falls

Leitch Collieries. The owners of this coal mine went bankrupt before World War I, and the site was abandoned.

Leitch Collieries

This is a window in the ruins of the mine owner's residence, a three storey building which must have been quite beautiful in its day.

window in the ruin of the mine owner's residence at Leitch Collieries

Underneath these stones lies the town of Frank. In 1903, the side of Turtle Mountain slid over the town, killing 70 people. My great-uncle was there at the time, but survived.

Frank Slide

A panoramic shot I took at a roadside turnout on the way out of the Crowsnest Pass area.

panoramic view of Crowsnest Pass area

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