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I'm feeling stiff and sore after my first exercise session yesterday. But it was also invigorating. I am pathetically out of condition. I won't embarrass myself by mentioning how many pushups I was able to do; let's just say it was fewer than a hundred.

Work has been going well, in spite of connectivity problems and a large backlog of tasks. Much of my current work requires me to connect to a remote site to install and test software. The connection drops at random every hour or so, and then it takes ten minutes or more to reconnect. Or maybe it just feels like ten minutes. Meanwhile the remote PC reboots when the connection is lost, so any windows I had open are gone, together with any unsaved work. Frustrating.

It has been windy here on and off for the past couple of days. I was nearly blown off my feet walking home yesterday. I'm not a big fan of wind (pun not intended). Lethbridge, where I was born and raised, is notoriously windy.

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