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I am now on vacation for 10 days (one work week bracketed by two weekends and followed by Canada Day on July 1st). The last couple of days at work were very busy. I had a bit more scheduled than I could easily handle, and then there were the usual delays, unexpected problems, and last minute requests. However, I managed to finish almost everything, and turned the rest over to someone else before leaving for the day.

A group of us were taken out to lunch today to celebrate a project milestone, and although I didn't really need a two-hour hole in my day, it was a pretty good Italian restaurant and an enjoyable meal.

After work, I came home and had a drink with L, then we went off to an event called Solstice Beat, at the Olympic Plaza. We saw performances by several drumming ensembles, including the Drum Corps of the Calgary Highlanders, a local group called One World Drummers, and an Afro-Cuban group. They were all very good, though I particularly liked the One World Drummers.

The G8 Summit is being held in Kananaskis, a resort area near Calgary, next week. Security is very tight. Already, there are restrictions on downtown parking and building access. Some storefronts have been boarded up. Perhaps nothing will happen; a few years ago we had the World Petroleum Congress here, with similarly tight security, and there were no incidents. However, I plan to be out of town during the Summit. More about that later.

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