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I make my living as a software developer. I've worked for the past five years for a small company that develops software for the oil & gas industry. Prior to that, I worked in a similar capacity for a large oil company. I've been programming since the mid-1970s. Things have changed a bit since then.

Back then, data was stored on reel-to-reel tape, rather than on disc drives. Data was input mostly through 80-column punch cards. Programs were written on coding forms, then given to keypunch operators to key onto cards. The cards were fed into the computer through a card reader, a compile was attempted, and a program listing was produced by a large mechanical line printer. Part of developing any system was designing coding forms for users to record their data changes. When they had a stack of coding forms filled out, they would take them to the keypunch operators...

We thought we were pretty advanced. Looking back, it almost seems like the days of the abacus or clay tablets.

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