Neil (nt) wrote,

Easter Sunday

I was able to get out for a walk today, to Lindsay Park. At midday, the sun was out, there was little wind and the temperature was quite mild. It actually felt like spring. There were ducks and Canada geese on the river, and more geese flying overhead and honking. There was still ice on the river, and slush and snow on the footpaths. At one point, I heard a crunching sound and saw that it came from a squirrel sitting halfway up a tree, chewing on a nut. There were many squirrels around, scampering among the trees, and many people out walking, too.

A few hours after we returned home, it started snowing heavily. But we had had a pleasant foretaste of spring.

bike path in Lindsay Park

I finished doing my taxes tonight. In a few weeks, I will review my work, print the forms out for mailing, and write a cheque.
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