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Calgary winter

It was -28 C when I got up this morning, and I decided to take my digital camera with me today to photograph the Calgary winter. I took the above picture of the C-Train on 7th Avenue SW from one of the Plus-15 crosswalks on my way in to work. The picture below, I took on my way to the Post Office this evening. The photos don't really seem to capture the amount of steam coming from cars and buildings in this weather, but I hope they give some idea of what it is like here.

I've been toying with the idea of setting up an FTP server for SHN trading. There are several free services I've found that provide you with a domain name and (if you have a dynamic IP address) software to automatically keep track of your changing address. That allows a cable or DSL user to set up a web or FTP server on their own computer. Here are a couple of those services:
I'm not sure I'd want to leave my PC on 24/7, though...

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