Neil (nt) wrote,

At work today, one of our vendors sent us a gift package of about 8 different kinds of cookies. Someone else brought in a box of mandarin oranges (aka zipper skins). We don't often get treats at work; two in a day is most unusual.

I got some mandarin oranges for my Dad when we were in Lethbridge on the weekend, and was surprised that L had never heard them described as zipper skins. On the drive down, we had been talking about Australian slang words, like larrikin, drongo and bludger. If someone is lazy, he's got Larry on the back. There's a Joe Blake in the dunny means there's a snake in the bathroom. I was having a hard time thinking of any specifically Canadian slang, so I was pleased when the zipper skin thing came up, even though I am fairly sure it is not unique to this country.
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